Sand-Mining In Trelawny

by | Mar 4, 2016'

Sand-Mining Operation in Duncans Bay

The Great House park area in Duncans Bay is being destroyed by sand-mining and sand dumping. To my knowledge Duncans Bay is a private development area that has remained unkempt by the original owners of the area, the Duncans Bay Development Corporation.

Duncans Bay CaveThe local Parish Council wants nothing to do with it so the roads and LOTs are ruined and is left up to the residents to up-keep the area including the Beach.

For the locals it’s an uphill battle to keep the roads safe and decent to drive and walk without injury.

No one has helped

I guess the Government have washed their hands of the area, I for one cannot blame them as I feel Duncans Bay over the years is left up to the people to care for it.

So why is it said that the Jamaican Government has given someone the right to carry out sand mining west of Duncan’s Bay Beach and Silver Sands, dumping a vast amount of sand on the land, slowly destroying the only real history we have in Duncans Bay, our Cave.

Below are the views of a couple of vocational guests trip to the caves back in 2011 and 2012.

The Cave of Refuge: Duncans Bay Cave Tour

The cave was awesome and to follow the path of the runaway slaves reminded me of the stories from the South and Harriet Tubman’s journey’s in the U.S. I also saw the slave owner’s old castle.


I was married in this beautiful cave in Feb.,2012. It could not have been more perfect. It was thanks to my friends in Jamaica that made this happen. I have some beautiful pictures of this cave. I’ve been going to Duncans Bay for 6 years. this Feb. well be there again. Everyone there is wonderful.

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Whose fault is this?

The Government, NEPA (National Environment and Planning Agency), Natural Resources Conservation Authority (NRCA) or Mines and Geology Division of the Ministry of Agriculture to be blamed for this insult to the residents of Duncans Bay.

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Duncans Bay Map

Detrimental Effects Of Beach Sand Mining

The Only Solution Is To Prevent Mining Before It Occurs!

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