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At Duncans Bay we are introducing all our past involvement with the Duncans Bay area. Our past websites which included JAProjects, Xaymaca Media and of course Duncans Bay, so I need your help by choosing from the Polls.

With an understanding of Publishing, Photography, Art Directing, Technical Illustrations and the Web, I am able to combine these experiences to produce a whole new concept to our client, in Jamaica.

The Servers, based in the United States, are very fast with a high end of security and space to provide you with a service that’s still very new to Jamaica.

Be your own boss

Build your home here in Jamaica, Xaymaca Media will keep you posted at all times from start to finish on your project, just contact us and we can make your home build become reality for you.

After 18 years of living in Jamaica and working with construction workers, knowledge of building and architectural drawings is now part of the work I do here.

Painting your property is another area that has become a major part of our way forward as we have the knowledge to save you a vast amount of money over time.

“What a great way to to keep an eye on our new home in Montego Bay. We live in Massachusetts and now we feel we can build without always being there”.

We are Located at:
Duncans Bay
Duncans P.O.
Jamaica W.I.

I want you to choose just what you want adding to the website from anywhere in Jamaica. You can only vote once from the same ip address so choose astutely.

Only registered users allowed to vote on our Poll, So go on, Register and Vote!​

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What would you like to see on the Duncans Bay website?
Only registered users can vote. Login to vote.

You can only vote if you register to our website. Voting will be collected when time expired period is up!

Bob Marley Duncans Bay

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