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Owners – Renting Your Villa Through Us

Advertise your Rental Property with us and receive a 40% Discount until the end of October 2016. We are new and intend to be here perpetually serving the North Coast of Jamaica with a new and easy way to rent your Villas to vacation guests looking for a great escape.

What do we need…

  1. Send us your Pictures and Text and we will do the rest.
  2. You will have a direct Contact Form to your Email address.
  3. A directional (how to find you) Map of your Area.
  4. Let us know the Rooms, Bathrooms, Swimming Pool etc…
  5. What do you offer your guests?
  6. Facilities, Entertainment, Attractions, Leisure Activities.
  7. We can also take your information from an existing Website.
  8. And whatever you can add to make your guests welcome.

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We use PayPal – Secure and safe.

Payment is simple – Just click the PayPal Button and you are on the way to making money from your Rental Villa. Please allow us 5 Working Days to complete your rental page. We will keep you updated along the way making sure you have the very best advert to suit your needs.

Payment is for 1 year and includes looking after your page for you. Vacation guests will contact you direct and book the dates you have available giving you direct control of your booking, we do not take any other payment from you.

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Rental Contact Form

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