Leroy’s Bar On Duncans Bay Beach

A fun place to be, full of music and lovely Jamaican food, a great little bar right on Jacob Taylor Beach aka Fisherman’s beach, Duncans Bay.

Leroy’s Bar – with Cordella and daughter Chen

If you go down to Duncans Bay, tucked to the right is a great little bar. It’s Leroy’s little hideaway that he runs with is wife Cordella and daughter Chen. I have visited Leroy’s countless times over the years and had some great ‘belly laugh’ with these three loveable people.

Actually Leroy’s is situated on Jacob Taylor Beach, often called the Fisherman’s Beach, right next to Silver Sands the gated community next door. That area is also known as the Public Beach and is open to all. You will find craft shops (more on that in another post) and a Restaurant that serves breakfast, lunches and evening meals.

Leroy was one of the first person in Duncans Bay many years ago and over the years have created this amazing little bar on the edge of the beach. Playing with his band and listening to the live reggae band on a Saturday night makes this a cool chill-out spot in Duncans Bay, every day of the week.

Leroy Standing Outside


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