Itinerary For Your Guests

by | Mar 14, 2016'

Looking after your guest with an Itinerary is so important…

I am not too keen to say this but I feel I have to for the sake of decent Rental Owners. The Villa Owners must keep an eye on the staff they leave in charge of there Villas.

Duncans Bay SeaI have seen and heard of bad housekeeping over and over and it makes me furious! You must leave your Villa with staff you trust and know that your guests are being looked after. Imagine, you have guest at your Villa who are being ripped off and made to look a fool because they have no where to turn if they need help or reliable information.

Do you leave an itinerary for your guests?

The guest is asked to pay huge sum of the little holiday money they have to go for a short trip. How much should they pay? Do you leave your guest with an itinerary? They must know the cost to Falmouth or the airport or even a shopping trip to the local shops.

Do you phone them or have you left them a phone? Have you told them always use a red-plate Taxi?

Look after your guests and they will come back to you…

Too often it’s left up to the housemaid to do the work and the Owners just collect the money. The Owners of Vacation Villas must show more responsibility towards there guest and in return the guest will thank them and return to the area knowing support is on hand. If you have a review area you must insist that the guest enter the truth for your own good.

Please keep in touch with your guests and please, please leave them some sort of schedule at hand to help them to feel safe and secure in Jamaica. Guest are usually too polite to say anything and that’s where the problem lies in most cases. I have seen too many heartache and heard guest saying they will never come back; I often totally understand their frustration.


[junkie-alert style=”green”] Just be fair to the guest and they WILL return. [/junkie-alert]

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