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Infrastructure in Duncans Bay

Having lived for over 13 years in Duncans Bay I am still sad to find the growth in the Infrastructure so slow. Why are new people not coming to Duncans Bay?

Over the years I have had two websites (Xaymaca Media & JA Projects) working in the Duncans Bay community doing all manner of things. These website give me a useful association to what’s going on in Duncans Bay and the surrounding area.

We live in a development area.

I have cleared numerous land for my clients, sold land and property and designed and build various building projects from houses, swimming pools, hot tubs and even dog grooming salon. I have had a wide range of activities to keep me very busy. Yet the area of Duncans Bay still eludes me as to why resident’s are still living the way we do. The road way is still in disarray and is causing a huge problem.

I recently had an enquire regarding land in Duncans Bay.

When I wrote to the individual thinking ‘another new person in the community’ this was the answer I received in the returned email…

“We decided not to pursue the LOT at Duncans Bay due to lack of navigable roads and infrastructure in that area”.

Nothing about bushing, it’s the roads, yet after 13 years I see no sign of any changes!

Now, I do not wish to sound negative about the area, we can manage with what we have, well some of us, but some way there must be change to the infrastructure in our area. For some residents it’s torture to get to there residence. And let’s face it, this is not new to Jamaica especially if you are not part of the great tourist route.

Our next-door community, Silver Sands Jamaica Vacation Rentals…

Silver Sands pay their fees and has a successively community that has gone from strength to strength, so unquestionably the community of Duncans Bay can do the same!

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