Duncans Bay, Jamaica’s Best-Kept Secret

The Great House along Trelawny Drive is proof of it’s past

The Secret Is Out – Duncans Bay Has One Of The Best Beaches in Jamaica!

Duncans Bay Development

In the seventies the idea of creating a development became a reality in Duncans Bay. A vast area of land carefully divided into LOTs with water mains throughout the whole area. Roads were put in place and everything looked amazing, waiting for the buyers to come along. Check out the Map of Duncans Bay.

Silver Sands Vacation Villas

Then a part of it was sold off to create Silver Sands, the gated community to the east of what we know as Duncans Bay. Silver Sands had its own brand and set about establishing themselves as a top vacation resort, and they achieved it! Today Silver Sands is known throughout the world as a premier resort and rightfully command that respect.

Duncans Bay Beach
Duncans Bay Beach

Check Out The Vacation Cottage's

Duncans Bay holiday homes by the sea is perfect for you to relax and enjoy the golden beach it offers all year round.

Best-kept Secret…

Duncans Bay is one of Jamaica’s best-kept secrets. It has a quiet, natural, public/private beach, with crystal clear turquoise sea, ideal for Snorkelling and will satisfy all tastes from the sun seekers to beach-combers. I love Duncans Bay, it’s being my home for over thirteen years and it gets better each year. I have walked every inch of the area, drawn maps and carried out work on it’s land and I still love it here to this day!

You can taste the history of Duncans Bay.

If you walk around the area you can see indication of times gone by in the form of Slaves, Spanish and British rule in the area. The Caves located by The Great House along Trelawny Drive is proof of this past. Visit the cave and the surrounding area and you will see just what I am saying.

But remember, Trelawny was know for slaves and landowners, over 750 estates formed the background to this Parish in Jamaica, so this area was no exception to the rule. To the West of Duncan is Falmouth, now the capital, is one of the largest harbours’ in Jamaica so slave ships were in and out all day long dropping off slaves to the area.

We must remember and give thanks to the skills of these slaves, that is why places such as the Great House is so important to Duncans Bay and should never be destroyed or left in deterioration for too long.

Holiday Cottage’s

Duncans Bay is slowly building itself to becoming a great place to have your vacation and to settle. Holiday Cottage’s just by the beach, will give you comfort on your vacation.

And remember you are in the perfect location along the North Coast of Jamaica with Montego Bay 40 minutes to the West and Ocho Rios, Spanish for “Eight Rivers“, is a town in the parish of Saint Ann on the north coast of Jamaica, 40 minutes to the East of Duncans Bay, both towns are known throughout the world and both having an amazing reputation in Tourism on the North Coast of Jamaica, the land we love.

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