Duncan or Duncans

by | Mar 8, 2016'

What’s in a name, Duncan or Duncans Bay

Imagine your name is John and everyone calls you Johns, or Mary and they call you Marys. Names are very important especially when it’s yours or a town and area.

Yet for most people when it comes to towns in Jamaica they never appear to get it right! Saint Ann is the Parish and then you have the town of Saint Ann’s Bay.

One of the the places I always see this is in information online and in tourism guides is Duncans Bay, it is often called Duncan Bay, where is the ‘s’. The name is Duncans Bay with the ‘s’. It also works the other way round; Duncan as oppose to Duncans.

These two areas are different and we must remind ourselves of that fact and get it right or it all falls down. Duncan should be called Duncan when used in the correct contents such as, “I am going to Duncan to do some shopping”, that way I know just where you are going, never Duncans.

Why is this important?

Jamaica has no zip/postal code (that’s another story) so how can Google find us. If you have ‘Google Earth’ you will see just what I mean.

Leroy's Duncans Bay

Leroy’s Bar in Duncans Bay is listed as ‘Duncans’ on Google. There is no place called ‘Duncans’. Look again and Leroy’s Bar becomes a point of reference, without Leroy’s Bar and Silver Sands we may never find Duncans Bay, look at the map and look at the listing. This means whenever you try to make your Villa ‘seen’ on Google you take a chance.

Silver Sands has got it right, look as Google and every where Silver Sands is mentioned it has a ‘s’ after ‘Sand’, did you know that? So let’s follow their example and advertise your Villas as Duncans Bay, not Duncans.

[junkie-alert style=”green”] So please, lets use the correct name for where we live, Duncan is the town/village and Duncans Bay is the development area down the hill next to arguable the best beach in Jamaica. [/junkie-alert]

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