Dogs Are Man’s Best Friend

by | Apr 2, 2016'

Dogs are often taken for granted in Jamaica.

The people who love dogs are very aware of the love a doge can give, the care they have over their loved ones and the protection a dog can give to a family.

Yet a large population of Jamaicans don’t give a damn about these clever animals, why?

Dogs are trained to work with the Police, help the blind and numerous other activities involving care and looking after us humans. Yet dong can be badly treated by us same humans for no reason.

Massive jail sentence.

In the UK a group of guys fed a dog alcohol, burnt it with cigarettes and then killed it, they were given a massive jail sentence, quite right. But in Jamaica going to jail is not on the agenda, such things do not happen.

Can you imagine taking a boulder, not a stone as is usually the case, but a huge boulder and bringing it down on a small dog. Hard to imagine isn’t it! Yet this was the case a few days ago in Duncans Bay. And who were the people who cared, who called the Vet to look at the dog, who paid for it’s treatment, a Tourist.

Everyone stands and stares.

What shame is this, it takes our visitors to look after our animals while everyone stands and glares, no one causes a fuss and report the scoundrel. Now, what’s the outcome of this tragic story, what have we learned from this awful report and what do we expect to see.

Jamacian Dogs

Well I will tell you!

Hundreds of lost Tourists to the area, thousands of Jamaican Dollars loss because of this one incident. The Tourist who was having a great time in Duncans Bay has vowed never to come back to Jamaica and you can just imagine how many other people have read her story. If it reaches Social Media, Facebook for instance, God only knows what that one thing has done to the reputation of Jamaicans yet again.

When will these people learn? I am sick of the way Jamaica is looked at through the windows of the world. And if the authority, Association, for the area knows of this what will they do, nothing I guess.

Visitors are more than welcome.

Good luck Jamaica and thank God for the visitors to our country, without them dogs and many Jamaicans would suffer measurable more. So please don’t take these few incidents as a get-out-reason for not going to Jamaica, you are always more than welcome.

Duncans Bay

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