Buying Property In Jamaica

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Buying a property in Jamaica

This is an easy process and if you are able to purchase a property in Jamaica then follow your dream and buy that property. You will be asked for certain paperwork that is easy to obtain.

You should have a Taxpayer Registration Number (TRN) to be able to proceed with your purchase and that is not a problem to acquire. I have given an idea of how to start buying or selling your property here.

But what I have to say in this post takes it to another level when it comes to buying property in Jamaica for whatever reason you want it for, you must come down to Jamaica and spend time in Jamaica, really!

Property in Jamaica Xaymaca House

Over the years I have tried to help a lot of people to reside in Jamaica but often it falls on death ear, it’s not easy telling the truth to these people. And what happens, they leave and go back home with a huge lost and blaming Jamaicans for there problems, never themselves for their idiocy and stupidity.

I was lucky, I had a good friend I have known from my youth and had a lot of faith and trust in this person. I followed his reasons and travelled to various parts of Jamaica with is authority. And throughout the time I have lived in Jamaica I have had no problems.

[junkie-alert style=”green”] Yet I could tell you the tribulations other people have and you will think ‘how did that happen?’ [/junkie-alert]

I guess I cannot blame them, who do you trust and who am I.

Well I blame them for being foolish. If you are going to build don’t ask the first builder that comes along, go to the Parish Council, they will help you to get a fair price.

I have built in Jamaica and worked with some talented Jamaicans creating diverse things and wrote these things down. I have never said ‘do this and do that’ without giving good reason, yet they go-ahead and ask some of the worst people you could ever trust and wonder what went wrong.

I have learned the best thing to do is to stay well clear.

But I will say, go to Jamaica for a few weeks, travel around the the island. See black sand on the South Coast and golden sand on the North Coast of Jamaica. Go back again and spent time in another area on the island and do just what you want, get the feel and nice up the place. Then start looking for the property in Jamaica you desire and you will have a better chance of finding just what you want.

[junkie-alert style=”green”] Property buying in Jamaica is not just finding a property, getting a lawyer and paying your money. It’s about Jamaica, the people and the surrounding you choose. So enjoy Jamaica before you buy your property and settle. [/junkie-alert]

I live in Duncans Bay because it worked to my lifestyle. I can travel to Ochi in half an hour, Falmouth, my main town, in 20 minutes, Montigo Bay in 40 minutes and my holiday spot, Negril, a little over an hour. Along the way are some of the best places I love to visit, eat and relax and I was never despondent. It took me three visits and a total of three months to find my ideal spot and I love it!

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