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Explore Duncans Bay And All Its Amazing Features.

If you live in Duncans Bay it’s a good idea to download our Map of the area, it’s FREE. It gives an accurate view of Duncans Bay and you can clearly see the layout of where you live and empty lots which may be available for purchase.

Who is Duncans Bay for…

Want a central area to relax while you or on your vacation? Duncans Bay is located in the middle of the North Coast and is perfect for visits to Negril on the West Coast or a great day-out at Dunn’s River Falls. Or have a look at some of the Villas for Sale or Rent, you will find Duncans Bay an amazing place to be.

You can buy a Villa or invest in a Plot of Land, where you can build your dream house to your own design. And oh… the beach, you will love it!
Photo: The famous statue in Emancipation Park, Kingston.

What Do We Have On Offer

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Villas For Sale

The North Coast of Jamaica

Anyone from foreign can own property in Jamaica without any restrictions. When purchasing property in Jamaica the first step is to make an offer to your seller. Upon acceptance by the seller or vendor, a land survey and title search is conducted to confirm if there are any other claims or conflicting interests registered against the property.

Xaymaca Cottage Duncans Bay

Xaymaca Cottage

Beach Creativity

Duncans Bay Beach, just the most relaxing beach around and it’s a few minutes walk from Xaymaca Cottage.

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Duncans Bay Beach

Duncans Bay

Duncans Bay Next to Silversands

Duncans Bay in Trelawny, is a central area of the North Coast that I have come to love. Duncans Bay is located right next to the gated community of Silversands. Trelawny has grow over the years faster than most Parishes in Jamaica and the main town is Falmouth, just a few minutes drive away. I am sure you have heard of Falmouth, if not, you have missed a part of Jamaica.

Falmouth Georgian Architecture

The isolation of Falmouth has helped to preserve its historical heritage. Residents in Falmouth received piped water pumped from the Marta Brae River before New York City residents experienced the comfort of piped water. Believe it or not, Falmouth once ruled the North coast. The now quiet town is the centre of commercial activities.

Duncans bay Amazing Beach

On your vacation in Jamaica?

Checkout Duncans Bay amazing beach where you can relax. There are a number of small pretty Villas, which are available as Vacation Rentals all year round and all just yards from the beach. Whether you wish to go up in the hills to the cooler green countryside or choose to take a leisurely stroll to the beach, where there are drinks available from the beach bar and sweet sea breeze all around you.

Alluring Duncans Bay is one of Jamaica’s best-kept secrets.

Residential lots are on sale and are beginning to develop into a great place to be and offer a number of small pretty Villas, which are available as Vacation Rentals all year round and all just yards from the beach.

Near the ruins of an old Great House, there are two caves with traces of Arawak occupation. The area started development in the seventies; with the Silver Sands Resort next door, Duncans Bay is fast becoming the place to be. This area is often not viewed as a Resort because of its relaxed attitude towards living here, peaceful, swim in the beautiful ocean which is always just a few minutes away and you are in another world.

Opening Hours

Duncans Bay is opened all hours, 365 days of the year and welcomes you. Are you Buying, Selling or are you just here for that amazing Vacation.

We are here

Duncans Bay is centrally located between Montego Bay and Ocho Rios with it's main town, Falmouth, just 20 minutes drive away. From Montego Bay airport it's a 40 minutes drive to the best beach in Jamaica.

Duncans Bay


Our vision

By combining expertise with my deep roots in diverse local cultures, I will continue to provide a range of products to suit a wealth of consumers.

Leveraging and inspiring people to take small, everyday actions, I believe I can help make a big difference in Duncans Bay.

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About Xaymaca Media

Xaymaca Media was established in 2004 by Val Barclay and pride myself on providing the best advise and service to visitors in Jamaica. We are able to promote our properties to an even wider audience, and help Vacation Seekers find that perfect getaway.

We are located in Duncans Bay, twenty-five minutes drive off the Highway from Falmouth. Xaymaca Media was born out of the simple need for additional information on the area by various visitors, including Renting Villas for your Vacation and Buying Properties here in Jamaica.

You can also enjoy the freedom to book a holiday independently, paying less and getting more choice. Booking a holiday Villa direct with the owner means you can save on travel agent’s fees and benefit from the homeowners knowledge of their property and surrounding area to find the perfect home from home.

Having a good idea of where you are in Jamaica is always a good thing so we give you a Map of Duncans Bay to help you.

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